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Hello, I’m Swiftey. My main is a Tauren Druid (Swiftey) and I’m currently leveling a Human Paladin called Guárdian. I wanted to try something different. I have rolled a paladin a few times but only seemed to get to around level 20-30 then get bored. So this time round i decided to level as Protection. So far I’m level 38 and loving it. I’m not the type of person who can quest all day, I like to take brake, maby do some fishing, play on the AH or run an instance. Lately i have been running quite a few instances while leveling Guárdian. Such as Deadmines, Stormwind Stockades, Scarlet Monastary and Uldaman. And i can say with a grin on my face, That I’m not bored.

Anyway enough about my character, And onto the reason for this blog. Since i started playing WoW in late 2008. I have been an avid reader of blogs, Such as; Big Red Kitty, wowHobbs, The Lazy Hunter, Big Bear But and few more. So blogging about WoW has alway been in my mind. Only thing was i couldn’t make a blog back then because i didn’t think i would be able to write enough as i rarely played WoW and the character i did play, I didn’t necessarily like. But now i have found something i like doing, and i can put more time into the game so i have decided to bring you The Holy Shield. Which i will document my experience to level 80 and share my stories of raiding and playing as a tankadin. 

– Swiftey